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  • Emily K Ginser

Emily's Health Tips: Drowsy Driving

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hello everyone,

This week I am going to talk to you about Drowsy Driving, I know I am guilty of doing this from time to time. Drowsy Driving is when you drive while you are fatigued or haven’t slept enough, issues with medications, drinking alcohol, or shift work. Young Men (20s-30s) are also more likely to drive drowsy then women the same age. When you are driving drowsy it affects your ability to drive safely, not being able to pay attention, slows down your reaction time, being able to make proper decisions. According to the CDC and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 72,000 crashes and 44,000 injuries and 800 deaths where the result of people driving drowsy. Some of the ways to prevent drowsy driving are to make sure you have enough sleep before driving, avoid taking medications that make you sleepy before you drive, when driving on longer trips have someone take turns driving with you, pull over at a rest stop, or arrange for someone to give you a ride home.

Until we meet again,

Emily K Ginser


Slippery Rock University

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