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  • Emily K Ginser

Emily's Health Tips: Water-based activity

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hello everyone,

I’m back with my final weekly health tip, this is my last day here at CCC and It was a great experience and I enjoyed my time here. This week we are going to talk about Water-based physical activity. I thought this would be the perfect topic since the weather is nice and this will give you the chance to enjoy the outdoors. If you are a regular swimmer, you are improving you over all physical and mental health over your life time. When you get into the hobby of swimming, you are not only getting a great aerobic workout in but if you suffer from diabetes or heart disease you can improve your overall health status. Swimming is a good alternative because you are able to do a longer workout without increasing your chance of having muscle or joint pain; this means swimming is arthritis friendly and will not cause further pain. Just reminders if you do choose to start swimming make sure you are practicing safe swimming behaviors and protect yourself from injuries or illness, this is just a reminder to make sure you have your sunscreen and you reapply it every 60-80 minutes if you are enjoy swimming outside. Thank you to all the staff that are so welcoming to anyone that comes in.

Hope you are enjoying the health tips,

Emily K Ginser


Slippery Rock University

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