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A Supportive Hug


Community Counseling Center accepts many different types of insurance and offers financial assistance for those who lack insurance or cannot afford their co-pays.

Because our services are partially funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal government, all clients are required to complete an income/eligibility process prior to receiving services.  

Once we have determined your cost and you have decided to enroll in services, we can schedule you for an intake assessment. If possible, we will schedule you on the same day. So please come ready to stay and speak with one of our counselors. 


Mental Health/Drug & Alcohol exceptions available*


If you have any questions, (724) 981-7141 ext.154, ext. 164 or ext.156



With no Commercial Insurance

  • Bring your Medical assistance card 

  • Social Security # - Required to complete registration

  • Photo ID

  • Proof of address - Preferably a utility bill dated w/in 30 days

  • Please bring proof/documentation of notarized custody agreement(s) if applicable

Call 724- 981-7141 ext. 154 and ext. 141
or Toll Free: 866-853-7758

*If you have a Commercial Insurance Product that is not UPMC or AETNA please call an advance for availability

Therapy Session



  • Proof of Household Income

  1. Three (3) most recent consecutive paystubs for all household members  AND/OR

  2. Copy of current benefit information

  3. Tax Return – Self-employed or if claiming dependents/spouse

  4. POA/Custody Agreement/Guardianship papers if applicable

  • Proof of Address - Preferably a utility bill dated w/in 30 days

  • Insurance Cards

  • Social Security # – Required to complete registration

  • Photo ID

MENTAL HEALTH EXCEPTION:  IF you need deduction: 

  • Real Estate Taxes – Most current paid Real Estate taxes for the year

  • Current Unpaid Medical Bills – Doctor, dentist, eye care, hospital – this would be for the entire household if married but NOT if living with someone

  • Maintenance Prescriptions – Any ongoing prescription (ex: high blood pressure, diabetes) – Need printout from pharmacy or mail order from the last 4 to 6 months

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