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Seeking Masters Level Clinicians/Counselors

By way of introduction, my name is John Mahinis. I am the new chief executive officer of the Community Counseling Center of Mercer County. I am on a mission to produce exciting changes and cutting-edge opportunities to be added amongst the ones which already exist at the Community Counseling Center of Mercer County, and the possibilities are expanding! We are writing to you today regarding a very important initiative for our community and our counseling center, and we invite you to take part in enriching its success.

This important initiative starts with you. We are developing retention and compensation strategies to ensure we keep quality clinicians today and also build, develop, and keep a pipeline of quality clinicians to meet our long-term goals.

We would like your help in identifying Masters level clinicians/counselors who are originally from our area and would like to come back home to, or who might not be from around here but are looking to settle down in a supportive community.

These clinicians could be relatives, friends, friends of friends, or contacts you may have. We know how important it is for community members to feel connected to their treatment providers; who better to kindle that connection than you, your family, and your friends?

Recruitment of clinicians to rural Pennsylvania is key to improving community health and the positive impact of organizations like Community Counseling Center of Mercer County. We look for new opportunities to identify, attract, recruit, and retain quality clinicians who will serve our clients with the compassionate care one finds in small, close-knit communities like ours.

Our hope is that you may talk with those individuals and ask if they would entertain speaking with us about practice opportunities at Community Counseling Center of Mercer County. Some points of interest your candidates might like to know:

• CCC has been a part of the community since 1957 and was the first organization of its kind to offer behavioral health services in Mercer County.

• In addition to our offices in Hermitage, we have clinics in Greenville and Grove City.

• CCC currently offers outpatient mental health services, school-based services, family-based services, psychiatric services, vocational services, psychiatric rehabilitation, and supportive housing.

Community Counseling Center of Mercer County invites all interested candidates to learn more about opportunities by reaching out to our team. As we grow, CCC is not only expanding within the specialties listed above, but we are also looking to provide more services to our community. Should you talk with a candidate who may be interested, we ask that you or the candidate contact Kathryn McBride at or 724-981-7141. A team at CCC will reach out to the candidate to coordinate a time to further discuss possibilities.

Thank you for the vital role you play in supporting CCC and our community!

John Mahinis, Ph.D., MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Community Counseling Center of Mercer County

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