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Psych Rehab - Making a Difference

As most of you know I work here at CCC in the psych rehab program, and help the group members with making and producing this awesome newsletter.

Well, I wanted to take a minute and share some of the other exciting and awesome things that we have been doing in Psych Rehab to help our group members obtain skills on our 5 domains of focus. Psychiatric Rehabilitation promotes recovery and focuses on helping individuals develop skills and access resources needed to increase their capacity to be successful and satisfied in the living, learning, working, socialization, and self-maintenance areas of their choice.

This 8 week we offered over 40 different groups at different time slots all throughout the week. In one of my walking groups I offered some fun fall themed activities. Each week, we would get together for group, walk and then participate in a fall activity to help with improving coping skills, social skills and overall wellness. Some activities were, candy corn bingo, making bird feeders, and carving pumpkins, just to name a few. I also offered an art group where we painted more ceiling tiles, a Holistic Medicine group where we made some lotions and our own potpourri, and then a new group called Lost in Space, the group members really enjoyed this one and getting to interact with one another while learning awesome things about outer space.

In one of Justin’s groups, Gardening, the group members worked on learning to can and store and make pepper perseveres, pepper rings and tomato sauce from the items they grew in the garden over the summer. Justin also offers a History of The World group, Mental Health in Media group and of course Cooking, which you all can smell throughout the building. The group members really enjoy these groups and learning about mental illness and improving social and living skills.

Maggie offered a group called Get it Together, where the group members learned about organization for things in their home and with mental health. This was awesome and took on the supply office that Supported Housing uses for clients to obtain things they may need. Maggie took a before picture and a couple after pictures. Great job group!!! Maggie also offers some other groups that the group members really enjoy such as Coffee Talk, Around the World in 8 Weeks and Color Me.

Some of Brenda’s groups were Music, Music Documentaries, Storm Chasing, Java and Jive and a new one called Weird Wild World where they discussed different and weird traditions, practices and foods from different places around the world.

Brenda and myself run two groups together Bakers Delight and Ghost Stories. In baking we taught the group members how to make homemade pie, apple dumplings, corn casserole, cookies and Tomato Soup Bake.

In Melissa’s Creative Writing group, they have been writing some pretty amazing stories. The group has been using Halloween picture prompts, roll a dice story prompts for Halloween and for regular stories, and then Halloween writing prompts. The group members have come up with some pretty creative stories. Melissa also does a yoga group and her yogi’s have been doing chair and mat yoga.

Overall these are just some of the awesome groups we offer and some of the awesome activities we do in Psych Rehab to help our clients learn the needed skills. At the end of every 8 weeks we have a social to discuss what they learned, address concerns and enjoy some activities as a whole group, along with getting signed up for the next 8 weeks. Our next social is Halloween themed, and the group members are so excited to dress up. Stay tuned for more things from Psych Rehab. I mean who doesn’t like having fun while learning?

Many of our participants have expressed how beneficial Psych Rehab has been to them in their recovery and that they are grateful to have such a supportive program to be a part of.

Until then stay positive!

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by discomforts.

~Arnold Bennett

Jill Garrett - Psychiatric Rehabilitation


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